Top 3 Kicking Drills for Power and Conditioning by Ognjen Topic

[Video] Top Kicking Drills for Power and Endless Conditioning

by Ognjen Topic of North Jersey Muay Thai

Ognjen Topic is regarded as one of the best Muay Thai fighters and technicians within the United States. His style is a combination of trickery, transitions, and pattern breaking that you can witness here – Ognjen Topic IKF Highlight World Title Fight.

Ognjen’s style requires extreme levels of conditioning – tricks and fakes don’t sell well without speed. To reach this level of power and endless endurance you may think that Ognjen runs marathons. Actually, it is quite the opposite.

Topic has adapted additional rounds of padwork and specific drills to sharpen his Muay Thai technique and conditioning at the very same time. The drills below are a major part of what he uses to stay in top form.

Ognjen Topic’s Top 3 Muay Thai Kicking Drills for Power and Conditioning

Notes from the video to remember.

Drill Number One:

Jab – Rear Kick & Cross Switch Kick. Using the power from the punch, as you pull your right shoulder back, the left kick instantly releases (the pull back from the punch acts as a “wind up” for the kick”). The same happens when throwing the cross in combination of the switch kick. As Ognjen explains, ensure that you are balanced and ready to keep a continuous flow of good technique for this drill to be efficient.

Drill Number Two:

Speed Punch & Double Kick. Alternate sides when kicking. This drill serves as conditioning for both the upper and lower body, the double kick ensures that we are balanced after throwing a flurry of punches that all properly reset.

Drill Number Three:

Varying Weapons at the Same Distance. You will witness Ognjen land the long knee and kick from practically the same distance, this ensures that when you are tired, you can still judge the openings and find a way to close the distance with a long knee – breaking the pattern of the kick that the opponent is adjusted to witnessing.

Ognjen Topic is a current IKF World, WBC, WKA National and a former Lion Fight Lightweight World Champion in Muay Thai. He has been training at North Jersey Muay Thai ( since 2005. In 2008, Ognjen began training and fighting out of Eminent Air Gym in Bangkok, Thailand.  Eminent Air is ranked one of the 10 best gyms in the country. Ognjen has divided his time primarily training at NJMT, while spending months each year at Eminent Air. There he is able to gain a competitive advantage, while preparing to compete on large televised promotions such as MAX Muay Thai, Ch. 8 (Highest rated show in Thailand ) he has also fought in Lumpini, Radjadamnern, Aswindam, Jitmuangnon, Theprasit and many more stadiums, including one in China. Back in USA, Ognjen is a full-time instructor who holds class while training for big fights, such as on the Lion Fight show. Aside from fighting, Ognjen is also an award winning graphic designer, some of his work can be see at



  • Ranked No. 1 in the USA (Super Feather Weight Division)
  • Current WKA North American Champion (Lightweight Division)
  • Current WBC North American Champion (Super Feather Weight Division)
  • Former Lion Fight World Champion (LightWeight Division)
  • Voted 2011 North American professional rookie of the year by Muay Thai Authority. (MTA has over 1,200,000 fans on their fan page:
  • Voted 2011 professional fighter of the month by the WKA (World Kickboxing Association)
  • Voted 2011 Break through fighter of the year by Muay Thai is Life website
  • Awarded New Jersey Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2012 Fighter of the Year
  • Awarded most “Fight of the Night” by Friday Night Fights in its history (

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