The Endless Flow Drill [Dutch Style Kickboxing] | Solo Bag Drill

This Solo Bag Drill Creates Endless Flow. Both Offensively & Defensively.

by Eddie Abasolo of CSA Gym. Dublin, CA.

If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much & this drill is pure art.

This drill creates endless flow, both offensively and defensively. Eddie Abasolo​ of CSA Gym​ is back at it for the third week in a row – if you put all three drills to work during your time on the bag [Click Here for Drill #1 | Click Here for Drill #2], you are 110% more likely to get half of the swagger that this man possesses.

The purpose of this movement is to teach you proper body mechanics. Consistently drilling these movements will enable you to create more power by putting every pound of your frame into each kick, punch, elbow or knee. Not only is your offense finding its mark, but your defense and balance will flow straight from your attack.

Ladies and Gentlemen. . . The Endless Flow Drill by Eddie Abasolo:

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