Sak Yant Tattoo - Paul BanasiakMuay Thai Athlete was created to provide you with the tools, motivation, information, and a foundation needed for success. Whatever the term success means to you. MuayThaiAthlete.com is my tool of communication to you, the busy person trying to lose a few pounds and feel confident again, the hardcore Muay Thai athlete needing to gain an edge, the trainer who wants to get their foot in the door, or my favorite, the person who loves themselves and wants to keep improving, the one who wants raw information.

The web has millions of articles on Muay Thai, fitness, nutrition, lifestyle,  and the right and wrong ways to do things. I’m not here to tell you who to be, only you know what goals are realistic and specific to your body and mind. I’m here simply to empower you, to show you my successes and failures as a fighter, trainer, athlete, and most important of all. . . as a human being. You are not alone, so let’s go on this journey together, down the unmarked path.

This will be the catalyst to make a shift in your mindset no one was able to make before, to challenge you.


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  1. All the things you post and all the content and hard work you put out on these videos, blogs… posts… statuses you and sean work so hard on, yall have inspired a generation of fighters everything you guys post i can feel with my whole heart right now as im working 100+ hours a week just so i can quit my jobs and never do this again and sell my car so that i can live and move to thailand to follow my dreams ive been through so much and i have so many people to prove wrong i strive to become the best version of myself mentally physically and spiritually and emotionally i just wanted you to know that you and seans content truly inspire me and make me feel like im not alone in this journey in becoming the best version of myself! Thanks again!

    Austin Pierce!

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