Primal Warm Up [Drill Routine] for Muay Thai, MMA Striking & Kickboxing

Priming the Mind to Act & React. Priming the Body to Perform.

From the warm up, to the stretching routine used to close out the session – every movement and drill will be done with purpose from now on. If you are getting bored on the jump rope, if you are aimlessly shadowboxing, if you aren’t excited to drill, you simply may not have a strong enough purpose behind each assignment.

This entire warm up routine is made of purpose. Each individual drill works on specific movements to prime your body and mind for your upcoming training session. Your focus must be present, if not, you won’t get through these rounds in a smooth fashion.

A further breakdown of the text displayed in the tutorial can be found below the video. There are four drills, each lasting 1 minute each in rapid succession of one another [no rest].

Sharpen your reaction speed, find your center of balance and get primed for training:

Drill #1 Double Kick & Squat
Focus: Finding your center of balance. Kicking endurance. Kicking Technique. Opening the hips.
Duration: 1 Minute

Drill #2 Tap & Fire (W/ Complete Reset)
Focus: Defensive Awareness. Resetting the body. Punching Technique.
Duration: 1 Minute

*Defend and answer from the point of contact, fully resetting back to defend and attack again (defending a body shot loads your uppercut, just as defending a hook can load your cross  for example). The pattern goes as such: attack, defend, attack defend OR defend, attack, defend, attack. At any point you may be hit or you can be the one to initiate the attack – just as you would experience in a fight*

Drill #3 Kick Defend & Power Counter
Focus: Aggressive forward pressure. Kick defense. Explosive counters. Reaction speed.
Duration: 1 Minute
*Defend and answer from the point of contact with two follow up strikes*

Drill #4 Kick Check & Fire
Focus: Proper reset of the body. Kick defense. Kicking endurance. Center point of balance.
Duration: 1 Minute
*5-10 Kick on Each Side for the Duration of the Round*

Drill, drill, drill, implement, then drill some more. 

Add purposeful drills to your routine. Advance all 8 weapons. Create stronger fundamentals. Gain power, control, and endurance in the clinch. Progress in your offense and defense simultaneously. Create a relationship with the heavy bag as your fully functional, responsive training partner to replace the limiting excuse of not having another body to work with.

Nothing in this course is hidden, all three chapters of the course are free and your training beginshere: The Heavy Bag Training Manual [A Free 3 Chapter Series]

The way we pattern our brain and body to work in training is the way that it will respond in sparring and in the fight. I personally use a set number of these drills as a warm up with a partner or on the pads backstage before walking out to perform my favorite form of savagery.

It gets my body and mind in-sync, with the right engagement and balance everything flows. With good defense, the offense just automatically flows out of my body and all becomes seamless. Expect for it to do the same for you, it’s time to get to work.

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Paul Banasiak is a Professional Muay Thai fighter/addict, 9x champion, trainer, and fitness professional currently living, training, and fighting in Thailand. After leaving medical school without looking back, he decided to fully follow his passion of helping others become the best version of themselves, creating A website for those who are already passionate individuals that want to take their life, mindset & training to the next level. 

Today we begin forging our bodies and
strengthening our limitless minds.

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