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This Exclusive Private Training Breakdown Video with Audio Commentary Contains: 

  • The Lean Back Matrix - Sparring Intro - You may have seen some of the viral videos of the slick "defensive lean back technique" used against the body & high kick. Freeze frames, slow motion and audio commentary by Paul fully break down this technique in detailed fasion for you to enter the matrix yourself. It is instigated by a freestyle sparring round at the beginning of the session as Paul looks for technical adjustments. 
  • 3 Leanback Counters - Making the opponent whiff at air when kicking is a satisfying feeling, but to score we have to have the ability to return. The breakdown covers three of the most efficient counters that are easily set up by the lean back. 
  • Detailed Southpaw Techniques & Strategies - After progressing throughout the session, Evan engages padwork where Paul flows him through Southpaw fundamentals, footwork, and ultimately counters, angles, and combinations that make the Orthodox vs Southpaw match up so devastating. 

Watch the voiceover breakdown of high level instructionals followed by a more detailed technical breakdown featuring Glory Kickboxing fighter Chris Mauceri. 

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Evan Perrier on Training in Thailand & His Private Lesson with Paul Banasiak

"Having the opportunity to train with Paul in Thailand was one of the most valuable opportunities I had. Personally, one of the main issues I had was spending so much time in Thailand so early on, the trainers weren’t able to correct many of the small errors I was making due to the language barrier. However, Paul having been a sponsored fighter for the legendary Namsaknoi as well as fighting some of the top fighters in the West, he has developed an amazing technical understanding and an amazing eye for the small details.

 He was able to make specific corrections where the Thai trainers weren’t quite able to get their point across. I’m constantly watching back videos of the private lesson, working on cleaning up my game, and perfecting the techniques he has shown me. All of the corrections Paul has made with me has helped make me become more fluid, stronger and efficient. I look forward to crossing paths with Paul again and getting the chance to pick his brain even more."

Technical Breakdown of the Southpaw Fighter 

Entering the Lean Back Matrix & Countering the Lean Back Fighter, Detailed Southpaw Tactics and Strategies - All with Voiceover Commentary by Paul "Reaper" Banasiak

Access to quality instruction can be limiting if you are not located in a major city or have the freedom & finances to travel to Thailand. Although having its drawbacks, the online presence of major bloggers, fighters, and instructors has created a reputable source for information to those who would otherwise never have the access - limiting their potential. 

Paul Banasiak [5-0] is a professional fighter contracted with Lion Fight Promotions and an instructor who works with fighters & the general population within the New England region of the United States. With a passion for coaching, but the limits that being an active professional fighter create, the access to training becomes less common. Whilst in Bangkok, Thailand, Evan Perrier, a 2x winner of the Nak Muay Nation Thailand Training Camp Sponsorship was looked after by Paul during training - the Nak Muay Nation Team filmed the one hour private lesson which was further broken down into exclusive techniques with Glory Kickboxing fighter Chris Mauceri and Paul.

Paul "Reaper" Banasiak Current Stats and Achievements:

-Professional Record 5-0 [2 KOs]

-Overall Record 28-3-1 [14 KOs]

-2x Muay Thai World Champion

-4x North American National Champion

-2x 175 lb Glory Rules Champion

-205 lb AKBF Champion

-Golden Glove Boxing Finalist (No Contest in Finals)

-Competed in Thailand (7-0 | 5 KOs), Spain (3-0 | 2 KOs), Madison Square Garden, New York City, Atlantic City, and Lion Fight Promotions.

-Muay Thai Fight Team Coach and Group Class Instructor

-NASM Certified Personal Trainer


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