Thailand: Tour of My Bungalow on Koh Phangan

So I have gotten settled in on Koh Phangan after a week of fighting and hard training (Click Here for Fight Video). As you can tell from the picture above the island is beautiful, it truly is surreal. Below you can find a video and pictures of my bungalow on Koh Phangan right across the street from Diamond Muay Thai.

The bungalow costs about 15,000 THB per month (440$), luckily the trainers at Diamond were able to get me a deal for 10,000 THB (290$).

The Bungalow at Suan Inn includes:

-Kitchen with fridge and cooktop
-Balcony with coffee table and chairs
-King Size Bed
-TV and cable
-Air Conditioning and Fan
-Hot water shower and flushing toilet (a luxury)
-Weekly cleaning and daily garbage pickup

Full Video Tour:

The Entrance
Front of Bungalow
Front and Balcony






The Beaches



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