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The Limitless Project

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What is the Purpose & Mission of The Limitless Project? 

The Limitless Project is not a physical entity, it is an idea, it is a philosophy [A Way of Thinking]. This is an experience that maneuvers this idea. 

This experience will be recorded and documented through a number of social media channels. We live in a time where the media tells the story for you; often times portraying the wrong image. More importantly, however, we live in a time where we have the opportunity to tell our own story. I will be taking the steps to bring out the best version of each member within this project, to tell their story that shines light on their unique qualities, abilities & peronality traits - telling their story as they would have it be told

360,000+ followers throughout our various channels will bear witness to this experience. The premise is a fighter's house, but it is not the skill level of the person that is of importance, it is their mindset that makes this vision a reality - the rest molds itself. The team is situated in an 8 person Villa, an exact 5 KM run from Namsaknoi Muay Thai camp in Thailand - the place that broke me down, and built me back up as a different fighter & person.

My mission is to pave a way for others to achieve more than I ever have without losing who they are at heart, to create a mindset that is not affected by their thoughts, family, friends & other common factors that limit where we aim to be. I have experienced more than I could have ever imagined, and although I am far from my goals, I have been able to mold my mind in a direction that only moves forward despite the influences around me. 

The Accomadation [Sept. 5th-19th, 2017 Experience]

The Team Limitless Villa

My time on this island was spent sleeping on a bunk bed, shared with a Japanese fighter inside the gym at Namsaknoi's Boxing camp. Just the bed and fan. As I transitioned into the camp I slept on a floor matress at a friend's house who took me in to help me save money. This experience will be much different. I don't believe the height of the mattress that you sleep on is what truly builds resilience and character. 

This an all out experience that will indulge in not only fulfillment through challenge, but in the pleasures of the paradise that we will be surrounded by. As a fighter living in the camp, the losses & wins, the good & the bad times were kept to ourselves. Seldom came the times for celebration or a soul to speak our mind to. 

Most places and events focus on skill, ignoring the fact that the mind is the catalyst to all action. Confidence is surely built through repetition, but our emotions fluctuate affected by everything that we do and think - this is where the team and myself come in. The personalities gathered in this camp will build upon momentum and strong morale.


The Limitless Project [Season 1] will be an immersive and invaluable experience taking place over two action-packed weeks on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan. Although known for its Full Moon Party [A seperate region of its own entity on the island], my eight months collectively spent on this island have guided me to the different sections and subcultures of the island, each holding their own sense of beauty & purpose. The Yoga and Meditational retreats surrounded by organic and vegan cafes, secret beaches, cliff diving spots, snorkeling locations, farm to table restaurants, jungle hikes, quiet highways through the island's highest peaks - holding panoramic views of the entire island. 

There are amenities and things to do for those looking to calm their mind, rejuvenate their body, try some of the world's best cuisines, and get Thailand's full experience of hard training, spiritual growth, beauty and pleasures. The Yin and the Yang, the perfect balance of work and play. All surrounded by a team of like-minded individuals that enable you to be yourself, that challenege you in an uplifting fasion, and that will be your rock to lean on. 

Each day is a new experience between what is listed above. The rainy days have their own adventures and the villa serves as the perfect place to relax, unwind and share stories with the team. 

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8am-4pm: Expo Hours and General Session

**Hours are subject to change. Please check back for updates.


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